RKW at Agritechnica at Hanover, November 12-18, 2017, Hall 27 at Booth C22

New logo, proven performance: At Agritechnica, RKW presents its new portfolio of silage films that is divided into three product categories for different customer requirements.

New Portfolio of Silage Films for Different Requirements

Frankenthal (Germany), September 14, 2017 - RKW has streamlined its complete range of silage films and will present them in modern design at the Agritechnica tradeshow in Hanover/Germany. The portfolio is divided into three product categories Performance+, Performance and Classic for different customer requirements. Moreover, the company is investing a multi-million amount in the Division Agriculture and expanding production capacity at its Michelstadt (Germany) and Hoogstraten (Belgium) sites. The goal is to further enhance the company's supplies for agriculture and gardening.

The silage films from RKW offer significant advantages to farmers in terms of the quality of silage, work efficiency, cost savings and sustainability. The streamlined portfolio makes it easy for customers to choose depending on what features matter to them most. "Our silage films cover the entire range of different requirements in agriculture. The three product categories ensure quick orientation," comments Sales Director Stefan Kwiatkista. At Agritechnica, RKW presents the silage films with a new design and packaging. "Easy to understand pictograms and QR codes, with which the customer can access product information, are part of the modern design."

In the Performance+ category, RKW has bundled films that enable farmers to especially support silage quality in the fermentation process and help them achieve optimal forage results. The films feature excellent UV resistance for 15 months in central European climate. The products include the proven film solution Polydress® 02 Barrier 2in1 - the first combination of a (PA) sealing and (PE) protective film. Compared to traditional cover systems, the solution features a six- to ten-times higher oxygen barrier, thereby significantly increasing silage quality. Easy handling is another advantage: Customers can cover the silage in only one work step. The material is available in widths ranging from 6 to 18 meters.

Hermetix® is an alternative solution that is extremely strong due to a special formulation, leading to optimal silage results. Hytidouble® is also part of the Performance+ category: The combination of cover and vacuum film based on polyethylene are folded together on one roll and makes the coverage of the silage fast and easy. Hytidouble® increases work efficiency and saves storage space. RKW presents all Polydress®, Hermetix® and Hytidouble® brand products with their new logo.

In the Performance category, RKW is marketing Polydress® SiloPro films with different thicknesses and film colors. The color of the packaging indicates the color of the film for easy differentiation at the store and orientation for repeated purchases. The material also offers UV resistance for 15 months. In the Classic category, RKW offers Polydress® SiloClassics: The cost-efficient solution for standard applications is available in a variety of colors, widths and combinations of thicknesses.

RKW complements the new silage portfolio with its silobags. The durable silobag Hytibag® is suited for the storage of humid and dry grain as well as various forage types. The ability to store humid grain allows farmers to harvest early.

New entry in the Rondotex product family: the round bale film

In addition to the silage portfolio, visitors of Agritechnica can expect the high-quality round bale solutions of the Rondotex® brand for safe and easy harvest and storage of hay, straw and silage bales as well as maize and sugar beet pulp.

RKW has incorporated its round bale film in the Rondotex® product family. The film is characterized by high elasticity and tear resistance. Compared to the competition, it offers high stability with low consumption of resources. The film ensures compressed density and the dimensional stability of the round bales, so that they are optimally safeguarded during transport and storage. Bales bundled this way are easy to open over frosty winter periods without any losses. No adhesive additives are used, which increases operating reliability during wrapping. The film is very efficient and allows for up to 220 bales per 2,500 meters film role depending on the extruded product. This corresponds to 200-gram film per bale.

RKW will showcase its Rondotex® round bale nets, which have been well-known for 35 years. The product family encompasses the classics Rondotex® Evolution and the advanced version of Rondotex® IM-PRESS. The red side marker is the trade mark of Rondotex® and immediately captures the customer's attention. It ensures easy handling in use. The round bale net Rondotex® Evolution provides optimum edge coverage, uniform winding and is suited for all for all balers with net intake for silage, straw, and hay. The material is available in roll widths of 0.5 to 1.7 meters for all markets and offers global UV resistance.

With its reinforced chains and special knitting technique, the round bale net Rondotex® IM-PRESS features excellent wide run characteristics, high operational safety and baling performance. Rondotex® IM-PRESS is available with a working width of 1.25 meters and run lengths of 2,000 to 4,000 meters. It can be used in all presses that have a core feed of 1.26 meters.

RKW complements the Rondotex® product portfolio Rondotex® Net and Rondotex® Elastic. The products are available as standard stock items in four dimensions in a rigid and an elastic version.

Capacity increase in Hoogstraten and Michelstadt

RKW has invested to further expand its technical infrastructure and extrusion capacities in Hoogstraten and Michelstadt, expanding the plants into agricultural Centers of Competence. At Hoogstraten, RKW is installing a multilayer machine that possesses even better characteristics for the production of agricultural films. The company uses the machine to extrude films in multiple layers for saving resources by combining specific raw materials and additives. This form of extrusion allows for the use of new raw materials and reduces the scrap rate. The quality of films is significantly higher than usually required, for instance in terms of tear, puncture and UV resistance, barrier function and the degree of stiffness.

In addition, RKW is currently installing a new extrusion machine in Michelstadt, which is scheduled to go into operation in the spring of 2018. By extending production capacity, RKW avoids bottlenecks and protects jobs in the Odenwald region. The company is further strengthening its position as a partner in agriculture and the portfolio of the products displayed at Agritechnica.

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