RKW Presents Durable, Convenient Silobag Solution Hytibag®

RKW at EuroTier in Hanover, November 15-18, 2016, Booth D47 in Hall 27

Frankenthal (Germany), November 14, 2016 - RKW presents Hytibag®, a highly durable silobag for agricultural storage, at EuroTier in Hanover from November 15 to 18, at booth D47, hall 27. In close cooperation with farm equipment manufacturer Geringhoff, RKW also offers a complete solution that combines Hytibag® with Geringhoff's silage press and grinding mill Siloforce.

RKW presents the high value tube Hytibag® at EuroTier.The silobag meets highest hygiene requirements and stores humid and dry grains as well as forage. The ability to store humid grain allows farmers to harvest earlier and to use humid maize as forage, avoiding the additional step of predrying the maize before silation.

Compared to traditional silo storage, Hytibag® is more cost-efficient because the bag lengths allow farmers to store more forage in significantly less time. Due to its high flexibility, Hytibag® is an alternative to traditional tower and trench silos. Farmers can place Hytibag® on any kind of solid ground without having to make major infrastructural investments. The silobag is available in strengths of 212μm, 240μm and 250μm, with a diameter of between 4 and 12 feet (c. 1.2 to 3.7 meters) and a length of 60 up to 150 meters.

Efficient and waste-reducing storing is set to become more and more important as experts predict a further price hike for raw materials over the coming years. Hytibag® supports long-term storage by offering protection from mold and bacteria. The bag fully encloses the silage, thereby preventing press juices from leaking and reducing mycotoxins in the silage. The silage's high compression within the Hytibag® lowers the risk of Clostridium bacteria and oxygen in the forage. Agriculturalists can buy forage in bulk when prices are low and store it safely and hygienically until it is needed. The bag also provides the opportunity to store smaller quantities of grains or feed separately.

Integrated Solution for Filling and Storing Silobags

Together with leading farm equipment manufacturer Geringhoff, RKW provides its customers with an integrated solution for filling and storing silobags. Geringhoff's Siloforce grinding mill crushes dry and humid grains, compresses them and fills them directly into a Hytibag®. The Siloforce perfectly fits Hytibag® with a diameter of between 1.5 and 2.4 meters and a length of 60 meters up to 150 meters. Thanks to the perfect match between Geringhoff's Siloforce and RKW's Hytibag®, farmers can ensile more forage in less time.

Since the collective development of the first Eberhardt silopress in Germany in 1968, RKW has been producing high resistant tubes fit for a wide range of silopress applications.

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